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Fire Shrimp*

Species Availability:   10
Resides : Substrate around rocks
Consumes : Fish food, dead fish scales and parasites.
Max Size : 2.5" or 60mm
Origin : Indo Pacific
Availability: Weekly
Warnings : This species may pick on snails when hungry.

The Fire Shrimp, (Lysmata debelius) or Blood Shrimp as it is also known, is a "cleaner" shrimp, but it won't spend much time consuming algae or even detritus in your tank, rather it will attempt to clean dead scales and parasites from your fish. They should be fed a sinking pellet diet to keep them healthy and behaved, as shrimp may consume snails if they get hungry enough.

They are fairly hardy. This species is hermaphroditic and gets along well in groups with other Lysmata species, but does not get along with Coral Banded Shrimp or other Stenopus species. 

This species requires UPS or Express Mail and does not qualify for free shipping.

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