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Decorator Spider Crab*

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The Decorator Spider Crab (Camposcia retusa) behaves like an Arrow Crab and a Decorator Crab. Like the Arrow Crabs, they will feed on worms, tunicates and sometimes small sleeping fish. Like a Decorator Crab they will wear whatever they can get their claws on to blend in with their environment. They usually choose macroalgae, soft coral, sponges and tunicates. So some consideration should go into selecting this species. While they are excellent at fragging soft coral, and the survival rate of the coral will be high, you may not want them spreading it through the tank. Or chopping up some rare designer zoanthid. Additionally, when they molt they will leave their old exoskeleton behind, decorations and all. They usually do this in areas like in your rock work because they are most vulnerable to predation after a molt and seek cover like nearly all crabs. They are only suitable for large tanks, they grow to about the size of an adult man's palm. A little longer if their legs were fully extended, but they don't crawl around like that. Their carapace (main body) is about 1.5" inches in diameter.

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