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Decorator Crab

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Species Availability:   No stock
Resides : Surfaces it can blend into.
Consumes : Fish food, hair algae
Max Size : 1.5" or 40mm
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Monthly
Warnings : Capable of wearing any soft coral, macroalgae, or sponge.

A slow moving and somewhat sloth like creature, the Decorator Crab is one of those critters that makes this hobby enjoyable. By attaching sponges, algae and even soft corals to their carapace, they are able to "disappear" in plain sight. They are omnivores, and will scavenge and pick at live rock. They are pretty good hair algae eaters. When frightened or stressed, they will remain motionless, relying on their camouflage to protect them. If you have a lot of expensive zoas, maybe this isn't the guy for you. If you don't mind a small mobile frag, then this  guy is reef safe enough.  Grows to have a 1'' wide or so carapace. This crab was photographed mostly naked, the way we will ship them when purchased under this listing. For decorator crabs with sponges are available here when in stock. 

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