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Brown Button Polyps

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Basic brown palys on a plug or rock rubble. A hardy soft coral for the beginner.

These brown palys grow well, are easy to keep, and easy to feed smaller foods. They grow to a large size if spaced apart, and have wide skirts. You should find them easy to frag too. A fun addition for the aquarist who is learning to care for coral, these polyps are quite forgiving to poor water quality and rough handling.About 7-8 polyps. Depends on the size of the polyps, but about a square inch. They can be fed to the Gaudy Clown Crab we carry, the crab does not require a diet of Button Polyps though.

Zoanthids and Palythoas contain palytoxin, a poison that is potentially fatal if it enters the blood stream. Do not boil, eat, or poke without proper protection.

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