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Arrow Crab*

Species Availability:   1
Resides : Rocks
Consumes : Fish food, pest worms.
Max Size : 6" or 150mm including legs
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Weekly
Warnings : May attack small fish.

Arrow crabs are curious creatures that probe the tank as they move about with long spindly legs that resemble those of a spider. They are efficient at removing bristle worms, and some flatworm species from the aquarium. These crabs are carnivorous, and if left unfed they may attack small or injured fish for a meal. They do not get along generally with ornamental shrimp, but can be housed with snails and hermit crabs without too much trouble. While they are reef safe in the sense they will not eat coral, they will walk on coral and pluck around it at times to pull out bristle worms and other small creatures living between the coral. They prefer to hang out in ledges and caves. If you can provide them a similar shelter it will help keep their territorial behavior confined to a reasonable space.

This species requires UPS Next Day Air or Express Mail and does not qualify for free shipping.

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