Glass Aquariums

Three stainless steel replacements blades for the popular Continuum Glass Algae Scraper.
The AquaBlade cyan blade was created by testing countless different types of plastics and plastic blends. The AquaBlade metal blade is both strong and rust resistant so removing that stubborn coralline algae is a breeze. Made in USA
The Flipper Cleaner is the most versatile aquarium magnet cleaner available for acrylic or glass aquariums. This is the larger cleaner, for use on tanks with up to 1" thickness.
Flipper’s unique design maintains an upright orientation at all times for easy retrieval. Flipper is made with the strongest rare earth magnets optimized for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 1/4″ in thickness.
Direct Replacement for the Flipper Magnet Cleaner for glass aquariums. 3 pack.
KENT MARINE GLASS CLEANER-POLISHER is a nontoxic anti-static formula that cleans glass and acrylic to a sparkling shine. With continued use provides surfaces with a layer of protection against water spots, fingerprints and dust. Helps reduce the...
When your clean up crew needs an extra hand keeping up, this one will help yours get algae off of glass aquariums.
The Mag-Float-125 Medium Glass Aquarium Cleaner is recommended for use with glass aquariums up to 125 gallons with a surface thickness up to 3/8”. Features scraper attachment option (Scraper blade sold separately)
Glass aquarium cleaner. Recommended to be used on aquariums up to 30 gallons with a surface thickness up to 3/16” Product dimensions: (2 3/8” x 1 3/8” x 1”)
The Mag-Float-350 Large Glass Aquarium Cleaner is recommended for use with glass aquariums up to 350 gallons with a surface thickness up to 5/8”. Product dimensions: (3-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 1") The Mag-Float cleaners contain special abrasive velcro pads...
A replacement pad should you end up wearing out the original pads on your MagFloat, comes with both sides. Works with the 350 Glass MagFloat.
This white, mitt-shaped algae remover effortlessly wipe away unsightly algae from glass and acrylic surfaces. It can also be used for removing algae from fixtures, decorations, pumps, and other accessories showing signs of algae growth. Thanks to...
Two Little Fishies NanoMag is an itsy-bitsy, lean, high-energy, window-cleaning apparatus. Its patented design provides flexibility and a slender profile that slips safely between polyps or plants and viewing windows. It's got the umph needed for...

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