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Fly Speckled Cerith

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Eats Diatoms, Algae and Detritus on your tanks substrate and on rocks. Very hardy under normal water conditions. Grows to 1.25''

    The Fly Speckled Cerith snails range in size from a half and inch to almost 1.25''.  These snails will consume diatoms, detritus and algae in the substrate as well as on rocks, and glass in your aquarium. Because of their versatility and hardiness, they are one of the most popular species for the aquarium. We ship Fly Speckled Cerith snails that are about an inch long.

    We consider these to be the most beautiful of the Cerith Snail family. They are  very hardy, an especially important in younger tanks that have a "brown dusting problem". That problem is a diatom bloom, and these snails are voracious consumers of diatoms.  

    Add our other Ceriths, Nassarius Snails, and Dwarf Planaxis Snails to get the ultimate sand cleaner package. 

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