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500 Dwarf Ceriths

Product Availability:   9922
Eats Diatoms, Algae, Cyano and Detritus on your tanks substrate and on rocks. Very hardy under normal water conditions. Grows to almost 1''

    These smaller Cerith snails range in size from a half and inch to almost 1'', but are slender.  These snails will consume diatoms, cyano, film algae, detritus, and hair algae in the substrate as well as on rocks and to some extent the glass in your aquarium. Because of their versatility and hardiness, they are our favorite species of cleaner. Because of their smaller size, they are able to clean the nooks and crannies in your live rock, where algae hides, and detritus pockets decay into available nutrients and clog pores.

    We consider these to be some of the most versatile snails we know of, and recommend them as the "staple" of your cleaning crew.

Fun Fact: If you place a light next to your tank when the lights are off, (such as a computer desk lamp), the dwarf ceriths in your tank will flock to the area where the light shines in, and form a large cluster in that area. It takes some time though, they are snails after all. 

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