Baby Filtering Clam

These are baby hard clams, the same sold in seafood markets when they are adults. They survive by consuming algae from the water column. They are about 4 millimeters wide. Minimum order of 10.

These are baby hard clams, Mercenaria mercenaria, the same sold in seafood markets when they are adults. They survive by consuming algae and very small particulate food from the water column. If you have a green water problem in your tank, they may help somewhat but we carry them mostly for curiosity and novelty purposes. They like to burrow in sand and extend their siphons above the sand to feed. For best watching results try to set them up in the sand against the front glass.

These aquacultured clams are a better solution for invertebrate predators than our snails as the supply is nearly infinite, and fewer resources are needed to produce them compared to other species. We get these from a scientist who can produce them by the millions. 

These baby clams are shipped at approximately 4 millimeters wide. That is small, about half a centimeter in size. Minimum order of 10.

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