Orders placed today will ship Wednesday, June 7th. Later dates available by request.

Free Priority Mail shipping on Cleaner Packages and for orders over $75. Starred* species cannot ship with Priority Mail. Very large orders should go with UPS.

We need temperature lows above 20 degrees and highs above 30 degrees to ship safely. 



Welcome to Reef Cleaners! 

Since 2008 we have specialized in algae eating invertebrates and natural filtration for saltwater aquariums.

We were hobbyists before we became retailers, and understand how important the health of your tank is to you. All of the species we carry are reef safe, and include cautionary instructions where applicable. We adhere to strict quarantine procedures to ensure unwanted pests do not take hold in your tank when dipping isn't adequate. All of our systems are free of fish, and fish disease. We pride ourselves on delivering quality specimens and advice. If you have questions please let us know, we are here to help.

If you have a nuisance algae problem, but are not quite sure what nuisance you have, try our Nuisance Algae Guide , maybe it can point you in the right direction and allow us to better serve you. Alternatively feel free to contact us and we will work to ID your nuisance algae.


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We sincerely hope you will enjoy this website and our services.

All of our livestock is reef safe in the sense that coral is not on the diet of any of the creatures we carry. However, this does not mean the particular invert is compatible with your system. Please read all item descriptions, and when in doubt contact us.


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"I received my rock today!  It looks awesome and i am very happy with it!  The shapes, crevices, and holes will look great once i get it in the tank.  It also seems very easy to build with and am thinking i won't even need apoxy.   Aside from the neighbor's kid wondering why the entire family was ooooing and ahhhhing over a box of rocks, it was smooth sailing!"

- Dan

I have to say WOW great rock! Definitely exceeds my expectations, I definitely will be purchasing from again and refer to everyone i know, thanks again."


"John's the man, if you need snails don't hesitate to buy from him. Thanks again John." -Glenn

"Oh hell yeah!
Just got my order from [ReefCleaners] and it arrived perfectly. can't beat these prices and the communication was top notch.
Excellent trader!

-dzones from nano-reef.com

"I ordered a bunch from him too, also received about double the order "to make up for losses". Didn't get any losses but got a TON of snails!! Thanks!! Putting them to good use."


"Received an order from [ReefCleaners] yesterday. As the others have said, great communication and excellent prices.

He added many extras of all the items I ordered that more than cover shipping costs and the unfortunate few losses.

Johnmaloney IS the snail man."

-Needreefunds from nano-reef.com

"I get an amazing deal from www.reefcleaners.org . My last $100 was amazing. I've got 30 mangrove plants, about 30 pods, and about 400 snails. Was very pleased with the last order. So if you wish to get in on a deal worth $1,000 at most retailers and online [this is the place]."

-caferacermike- Charter Member of MAAST.org, and Admin at Fishforum.com

"John and the ReefCleaners.org crew have been great to work with.  They helped me through the process of selecting a custom option for my specific saltwater tank and its inhabitants.  I would recommend everyone I know to visit the website and use his expertise to find a solution perfect for your own needs.  In the internet age, it is nice to work with a company that strives for customer service and succeeds with flying colors."

-Jesse C


  I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I continue to be impressed with everything I order from your company.  I have ordered livestock in the past, and it was all amazing.  The recent rock order continues to be fantastic.  It is everything I had hoped it could be, with a great mix of shapes and sizes.  Thank you for offering a great product at a reasonable price.  This will make starting my new tank easy. 

- Nathan

This is a short version. You can find the full text here.

The Carriers:

Live orders travel with USPS or UPS. To determine when your package will be shipped please look at the schedule note under the logo above. Email us if you have any questions. Express Mail is usually overnight, but is 2nd Day to some locations. Priority is estimated at 2-3 days. Rock is shipped with UPS ground. Shipments within Florida travel at a discount.

The Packaging:

We ship all live orders with heat or ice packs as necessary. Please do not be alarmed if some bags have little water, many of the species we send are intentionally shipped that way to increase survivability.

 Alive Arrival Guarantee: If your cleaners do not make the trip, we offer an Alive Arrival Guarantee. To take advantage of the guarantee, just notify us within a reasonable time, acclimate per our instructions and be available to accept the package at delivery. After we confirm your loss, you will receive a refund for the purchase price. In some cases we will ship extra snails to  makeup for the few we send out that might  not make the trip. You will find us very easy to work with should something go wrong, but please Click here for full terms.

The Rates:

We offer free USPS Priority mail for live orders over $75, as well as in our cleaner packages. Otherwise Priority Mail is a flat rate of $14.50, and UPS Next Day Air and USPS Express Mail is a flat rate of $44.50. Both services have a $50 minimum order requirement. Florida Residents outside of the Panhandle get discounted rates of $10 for Priority Mail and $35 for UPS and Express Mail. (The panhandle zip code range is 32320-32592) Items marked with a  " * " need UPS or Express Mail, and cannot be shipped with Priority Mail.

Please remember to make arrangements to receive the package on delivery. 


How can I add items to the order I placed?

How much is shipping?

How can I qualify for free shipping? Live orders over $75, and our clean up crew packages ship with free, as do our rock boxes. However, rock cannot be shipped with livestock, and items marked with a * next to their name require expedited shipping.

Do you take Paypal? Yes.

Do you take Credit Card? Yes.

How do I request a later shipping date?

Immediately before the "Confirm Order" button on our website you will find a comments box, you can request any shipping date you would like there and we will talk to you about it. However, weekends and holidays present some scheduling conflicts. No worries, you will receive human confirmation of all orders and a shipping day.

When should I add a clean up crew to my tank?

How do I attach a particular macroalgae?

What algae species are best for seahorses?

What cleaners eat Hair Algae?

What cleaners eat red slime algae (Cyano)?

What cleaners eat leftover fish food?

What cleaners eat brown algae?

What algae do I have?

What are macroalgae and how do they effect my aquarium?

How do I acclimate my new arrivals?

Will adding your base rock to my tank cause a new cycle?

No, the rock is professionally cleaned and is devoid of any organics. Therefore, it will not cause a change in ammonia, nitrite or nitrate levels, the parameters normally associated with "the cycle". It doesn't have a bacterial population though either, and is not ready to support life by itself when it arrives, that will take some time in your aquarium for those populations to establish. Basically, it is safe to add to an established tank, just don't remove all the current rock until it has matured though; in a new tank it should be allowed to sit until a cycle has occurred, you can start one by adding decaying organics to cause ammonia and kick start the process. Fish flakes and cocktail shrimp are commonly used.


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