Emerald/Ruby Mithrax Crab*

Our crabs are guaranteed to eat bubble algae or we will refund the cost to you.

    Mithrax crabs have dull claws that allow them to scrape algae from your liverock and the lower portions of your glass, and are good at removing bubble algae, as well as other nuisance macroalgae like dictyota, caulerpa, and other complex macroalgae. The size of your bubble algae problem will largely determine the amount of emerald crabs that your tank will need to get the job done. In addition, they aer omnivores and will spend some time scavenging meals in your tank when they become available. 

     Emerald Crabs are somewhat territorial, and will spar at times with other emerald crabs if kept in too high of number for their available space. In general, you shouldn't have more than 1 Emerald Crab  per 18 pounds of rock in your aquarium.

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